1959    The Gurdjieff work began in 1959 in Birmingham, Alabama, through the efforts of a few people who had a strong sense of search and a wish to work with the ideas within a group.

1960s  In the early sixties a connection was made between the Birmingham group and the Gurdjieff Foundation of New York. As a result of this, the group in Birmingham was guided by many distinctive leaders.

1970s  Members of the Birmingham group attended work periods and the film screening of Meetings With  Remarkable Men in New York.

1980s  Larger accommodations were needed for the Birmingham group, now known as the Red Mountain Study Group (RMSG). RMSG held meetings in homes, offices and rental houses until a permanent facility was purchased.

1990s  Members attended work periods and conferences in Texas, Florida, New York, and Switzerland. The Study House or “Green House” became a center for members in Huntsville, and Marion, Alabama, as well as for members of the greater area of Atlanta, Georgia.

2000s  The Red Mountain Study Group has grown by sponsoring many public events. These have included concerts of the Gurdjieff/ deHartmann music, a lecture series and a spiritual film series in cooperation with Parabola Magazine.

2010s – 2020s Practical study and transmission of Gurdjieff’s teaching between individuals continues with the Red Mountain Study Group. Many opportunities for self-exploration are found through meditation and sitting, reading, group meeting and exchange, playing and listening to the Gurdjieff/deHartmann music. The Gurdjieff movements are a regular part of the work in Birmingham,  Alabama. Crafts such as bookbinding, cooking, and working on an historic old house offer another way of working on ourselves.